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The Macedon Historical Society has a memory quilt that dates from about 1850.

Click here for information about the quilt.

Click the image to enlarge.

Click on an image to view a close-up of the hand writing on that segment of the quilt.

Nancy Gripp(s) 1849

Abigail Cogswell Scipio 1849

Harriet Hanks 1849

Anna Russell 1849

Catherine M. Southworth 1848

Mary Ann Fisher 1849

Jane R. Searing 1848 (Dearing?)

Elisa Drake West Dryden 1851

Phebe W. Loyd Mich.? 1850

Susan L. DeWitt 1849

Dorothy (L)?((H)?ock 1848

Mary C. Weeks Mich. 1850

Abby Briggs 1849

Phebe Jane Carpenter 1850

Sarah Jane Russell 1849

Dorothy M. Cox 1850

Esther Carpenter 1850

Isaac Weeks Phebe Weeks 1848

Charity Doty 1849

Sarah (J)? Weeks 1849

Perne(u?)lia Bumpus 1851

Thomas Fisher Scipio

Elizabeth Fisher Died 1852

Elvira Myers 1850

Jane H. Fisher Scipio 1848

Anna M. Week(e?)s 1849

Phebe Jane Weeks 1849

Aaron Baker Elizabeth Baker 1849

Caroline C. Fargo Henrietta

Susan Jeffords 1849

Henry Gage 1849

May the ? with ? did they ?
And florish long after the friend is forgot
M.D. Calvin 1848     Died 1st mo. 1853

William G. Fisher
(LFR drawing)
"Let Freedom Ring"?

Martha Rogers Pittsford

Jane E. Cox 1850

Jane W. Baker 1849

Mary C. Chapman 1849

Sarah Mosher 1850

Sarah M. Baker

Tamar B. Weeks 1852

Caroline Weeks Died 2nd mo. 1844?

Abigail C. Terry Henrietta 1848

Anna Chapman 1851

Phebe Chapman 1851

Celestia Smith Henrietta 1849