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Bickford & Huffman Grain Drills

Bickford & Huffman were in operation on the south side of Main Street in Macedon from 1842 until 1906. Their major product over the years was the grain drill.

A short history of the company

1896 catalog for "Farmers' Favorite Grain Drills"

A very interesting Hoffman essay on the history of the company is available from the Wayne County Historian's office. Information about the Hoffman essays is on the County Historian's website.

Click images to enlarge.

A group photo of employees.

An old postcard showing the front of the Drill Works.

A view of the back of the Drill Works.

A 1906 Sanborn map showing the Drill Works.

A ceramic plaque showing the Drill Works.

Very few Bickford & Huffman grain drills remain in existence. This one is at the Wayne County Historical Museum in Lyons, NY.