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Kordite was founded in Victor in 1946 and moved to Macedon in 1951. It is now Berry Global.

Kordite Corporation History (1946 - 1989)

Richard B. Maddens Talk At "Old-Timers" Dinner - March 15, 1965

Howard J. Samuels' Talk At "Old-Timers" Dinner - March 15, 1965

A brochure from the time period when Kordite was owned by National Distillers

A collection of Kordite items donated by Linda Frank

Images of various Kordite products and advertisements

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This ad for various Kordite products appeared in Life magazine in 1954.

This plastic liner ad is from 1956.

This food storage container is an example of a Kordite product.

The instruction card for the Kordite Moth Bag. (Donated by Miss Floris Lent)

Howard Samuels ran unsuccessfully for New York State Governor several times. (Donated by Tom Maxwell)