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Macedon Academy Foundation Repair

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Before work on the foundation could begin, thousands of gallons of water were pumped from beneath the building. A pump in a temporary sump was used accomplish this.

Repairs to the foundation commenced on April 3, 2017.
Mike McDonnell was the contractor for this work.

The work done on the first day is shown in this video.

A few days later the site had dried enough to allow continuation of the work.

A drain was installed to prevent future accumulations of water.

Mike (standing) and his brother Matt are building the form. The drain pipe that runs to the sump can be seen.

The Hanson ready mix truck has arrived on the site.

The concrete conveyor boom has been extended.

The form is being filled with concrete.

The form has been filled. A temporary sump pump keeps the site drained.

After the concrete dried, hydraulic jacks raise the sagging wall a small amount each day.

After the wall is lifted, cement blocks are placed to support the wall.

Field stones are placed on the face of the blocks to blend the new with the old.

The excavation is filled in and window wells are being prepared.

Additional lifting and shimming is being done. The cover has been placed on the drainage sump.

The gutter is being cleaned to prevent overflow from damaging new grading.

A gravity drain is being installed from the sump to the existing drainage system.

Window wells and screens have been installed.

Grading is completed.

The new grass is filling in.